The white cube is within the contemporary art world, understood to be the perfect spatial blank canvas. A space stripped off its context. An empty container. Within these spaces, the exhibited artworks determine what the conversation will be about. But how this conversation develops will depend on all people involved in the exhibitions. From artistic directors to curators. From artists to visitors. DE BOUWPUT, the gallery located in studio 74 of broedplaats BOUW — also the space this magazine is named after — carries the subtitle “Anarchy in a White Cube.” Within this gallery, all (superfluous) hierarchical structures have been broken down. The gallery, set up in 2018 by Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma, serves as an exhibition space for the tenants of BOUW, as well as for outsiders who require such a space. It has functioned primarily based on self-organisation ever since. There is only 1 rule. Namely, that after use, one returns the space to its neutral conditions: white walls, gray floor. Here you’ll find an overview of all dialogues that took place within this —at some times not so— white cube. All unique spatial conversations, wherein the people have shaped the exchange.