July 20 | Saturday | 14:00 - 20:00 (-->  from 17:00 toast with drinks)
July 21 | Sunday | 14:00 - 17:00 

⁠Studio Un oeuf is Un oeuf

City details, shitty details? With this project we zoomed in on details of objects and scenes we’ve come across in a specific postal code district in the east of Amsterdam. In the exhibition, you will be opened up to treasures and details of the city that tries to unravel the influence of human, temporality and stratification.

⁠Studio Un oeuf is Un oeuf is not easy to crack. Wimke Dekker and Ella Gijselhart teamed up as an interdisciplinary studio that combines photography, video, and graphic design to develop projects with their playful and innovative approach. Studio Un oeuf is Un oeuf often blurs the lines between different media, resulting in unique and engaging visual narratives. The name "Un oeuf is Un oeuf" reflects their creative philosophy, which seeks to explore and deepen understanding of the world we live in with a touch of whimsy and tweaking reality. 

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The exhibition "Solarium", presents abstract paintings by Carolina Aboarrage, that are informed by  her Brazilian roots and her work as graphic designer. Aboarrage questions the aesthetics of perfection and efficiency, which are perpetuated by colonial influences, seeking to free herself from these restrictions and inserting her works with leisure, pleasure and cultural diversity. Her work exists at the interplay of cultural references, repetitive patterns, vibrant colours and imperfect lines that evoke contemplation.

The exhibition promotes another aesthetic that values diversity and personal expression. The decolonisation of the gaze is achieved through excess. Irregular lines and imperfect shapes subvert the notion of impeccability of Northern European culture. 

Used to meticulously planned compositions in her work as a graphic designer, Aboarrage allows spontaneity and intuition to guide her creative process, resulting in an aesthetic of excess.