Opening October 12, 5-9 pm 

Or by an appointment on 12 & 13 October:

In Trust (a research installation) a group of youngsters dive into the complex world of tax evasion in Amsterdam. What happens behind the closed doors of these big anonymous office buildings surrounding Sloterdijk? Were these buildings empty because of the lockdowns or was something else going on?

Conversations with bankers, lawyers and journalists gave me a peak inside the hidden, complex world of tax evasion. With a group of local girls, we dove in and tracked some fiscal tricks and bring to light their consequences. A short teaser will be on show during the exhibition. 


Katja Verheul is a filmmaker and artistic archeologist. She graduated with a BFA in Audio-Visual Arts from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) in 2012 and holds a MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University (UK) in 2016.

She believes in the revealing value of long-term research. The deep dive into complex matter is an important part of her work process. With her film and video projects, she wants to make complex (invisible) social, political and economical issues visible. Her work often arises from the question; what remains after a war and what is the impact of these remains on people and nature?

She is working as an artistic archeologist digging through our most recent history. Before it is nostalgic, before it is a story that lies generations before us. Not only to demystify, but to make the mediated and almost historicized and perhaps forgotten reality personal again.



Trust is financially supported by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst.

Last year, weirdly, three smaller zine fairs in Amsterdam randomly coincided in the same weekend. This year that almost happened all over again, but we were smart enough to check each other well in advance. This and the love for zine fairs made us join forces and PAPERBOUND was born. This little history did result in us having four locations, spread throughout the city, each offering a different taste of the zine-world.

Athenaeum / 28th of October.
Artists Book release 18:00 - 20:00.

TREEHOUSE NDSM / 29th of October.
Artist Party (open to public) 18:00 - 22:00
with DJ Cristel Ball, DJ Field Marshall Fred & Friends and a performance by Visionair Ordinair.

DE BOUWPUT & TREEHOUSE NDSM / 29th & 30th of October.
Zine Fair 12:00 - 18:00

Riso Pop / Whole month of October.
Workshops, check schedule at


Opening on the 31st October, 6-10 pm.

7 pm there will be a performance by Dimme van Harten and Jorge Herrero.

Opening times: 1st November, 2-8 pm.


A wild animal can be tamed so that it becomes accustomed to living with humans, but it will never be completely domesticated and remains genetically wild. In many ways humans growing up and adapting to society reflect a similar process of conditioning. When you are born you are more in tune with your instincts, acting on impulse with no regard to what is expected or considered appropriate. The longer you live in society, the more you conform to its social conventions and norms of behaviour until you slowly become tamed.  


Wildborn is a four-part video installation that immerses the viewer in an animistic world. Through a combination of sound and performance the work seeks to reposition the human on an evolutionary path – a path of rebirth and the physical awakening of the wild spirit. 



A work by Astrid Ardagh, Margarita Kosareva & Yi Wang

Sound: Adomas Palekas

Performers: Dimme Van Harten, Jorge Herrero, Martijn Looper, Ties Breveld, Ellinor Ødegård Staurbakk, Imani Hooi

Makeup: Inkeri Virtanen

Costume: Hanne Haug

A special thank you to

Tungsten Studio, VAV department of moving image, Mostafa Heravi, Martin Grootenboer, Colette Grootenboer, Omri Bigetz,
Ward Trommelen, Gideon van der Stelt, Maïa Taieb & Fanja Bouts

Produced with the support of Trafo