A Tribute to Identity
Nuša Smolič

Duration of the exhibition: 27.5. - 2.6.2024
Opening day: 28.5.2024

Opening Time: 6:00 PM
Closing Date: June 2, 2024
Visiting Hours: Every day from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM and by appointment with the artist.

The exhibition titled A Tribute to Identity invites us on an extraordinary journey through the labyrinths of philosophy and psychology of human existence. This remarkable event reveals and celebrates the essence of identity, which constitutes the core of every individual. It represents a subtle intertwining of art and profound thoughts, prompting us to contemplate who we truly are and what makes us unique.

At the heart of the exhibition are portraits created using various techniques, forms, expressions, and formats. Each portrait carries its own story, its own truth, manifested through the expressiveness of the face and its details that engage us. These portraits not only gaze directly into the eyes of the viewer but also urge them towards intense introspection. Through this dialogue between the observer and the artwork, a broader significance of identity is revealed - how we observe and perceive ourselves in the context of society, how we respond to our surroundings, and how we recognize our own self.

In this reflection of social interactions and internal exploration, a reality unfolds before us, prompting deeper contemplation of ourselves and our role in the world. The exhibition acts as a sort of mirror, offering us an opportunity to introspect and understand our own identity and its dynamics.

The sense of recognition and understanding connects us as individuals, while also reminding us that we are all mirrors to each other, exchanging reflections and mutually influencing one another. Each of us carries unique experiences, emotions, and thoughts that shape our identity and enrich the wealth of human perception of the world.

As we delve into this internal exploration, as we understand our personal reality, a space opens up for the celebration of personality - A Tribute to Identity. This exhibition not only encourages us to reflect but also invites us to celebrate what makes us unique, special, and exceptional as individuals in the broader context of human existence. 

Nuša Smolič, born in Slovenia, lives and works in Ljubljana. She is an academic painter, fashion designer, and a producer of creative ideas. Her responsibilities include managing customer relations and coordinating the organization of cultural projects. Through her work, she connects with art organizations, business partners, galleries, and artists of various disciplines.
After completing her studies at the High School for Photography and Design, specializing in fashion design in Ljubljana, Nuša continued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she majored in painting. She operates as an art consultant and independent artist in various international fields. She strongly emphasizes the importance of positivity, perseverance, and a strong work ethic as the cornerstones of success. Her affinity for working with people stems from her belief in the exchange of energies, which creates unique interpersonal dynamics, while the pursuit of knowledge excellence leads to achievements.

Her motto encapsulates her philosophy: "May art build bridges, not walls!"

Instagram: nusa.smolic



POUBELLE -  the beauty of waste material

An international group of artists has gathered on the platform POUBELLE with the clear goal of making their starting point better known: letting the material itself play the leading role. All of them work in a minimal and playful way with waste materials and found objects. Since the first exhibition in 2022, the group has grown and exhibited their innovative and distinctive works together, in changing combinations.

Participating artists in De Bouwput: 
Gertruud Dentjens, Harm Hajonides, HF van Steensel, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Johannes Steendam, Lisbeth Parisius en Mirjam Berloth

Opening times: 
Opening drinks Thursday 6/6,  17:00-19:00
Fri/Sat/Sun 7-9/6,  13:00-19:00


Woven Sceneries

Woven Sceneries 
Julia Woch

Opening times: 
Friday, 21 of June,  18.00 - 21.00
Saturday, 22 of June, 18.00- 21.00

Immerse yourself in the strange landscapes of nostalgic terrains, faded dreams, and reimagined fields. This space features handwoven textiles, obsessively threaded into existence and blossoming as independent beings. Dive into the fantasy and explore the delicate interplay of color, form, and memory.

Are you a musician and would you like to join a spontaneous jam session cozily hidden somewhere within the installation? Leave a message at juliakatarzynawoch@gmail.com to learn the details and dates