Can I live here?

can I live here?

Annegret Suaudeau, film-maker & performer

Opening times:
Sunday the 7th of April, 15:00 – 19:00, by appointment only

What interests me are unfinished spaces, building sites and parts of architecture, which still don’t have a function. I attempt to inhabit them temporarily with movements and gestures - sometimes silently, sometimes in dialogue with an invisible counterpart or a public. Short scenes are set in motion by the space, the materials and by the associations which they evoke.
De Bouwput will be used as a projection-space for these performance videos. I want to explore how the films can extend into the room: Large banners of paper as architectural elements combined with materials like sand, mud and concrete form a 3D-projection screen.  
New fragmented spaces and stories might appear, which could offer various possibilities of perception for the spectator.
These experiments are also a study for a later installation with built elements.