Hanging Out as an Artistic Practice

Dee Vasilevskaia 

Open Thu-Sun 11-14th April 

I'm excited to invite you all to a series of events happening throughout a long weekend (    11-14 of April    ) at de Bouwput. During these days, the space will become a communal living room, inviting us to remember what true, careless hanging-out-doing-fun-things is like. (   Hanging Out as an Artistic Practice   ) is an attempt to recreate a feeling that occurs when you play board games with your parents and siblings but without complicated family dynamics.  (  =)  ). This is an opportunity to spend time together, (re)learn how to play and create without any expectations.

 11.04, 20:00-22:00, The Social Music Club 
Bring an instrument you can't* play, or an object that makes a sound you weirdly enjoy and want to explore why, or use your voice to participate. The Social Music Club welcomes you as you
are, "musician or not". It's the best way to start your musical career if you ask me. (*or can!)

12.04, 18:30-23.00, Nude Drawing + Listening Session
Bring your favourite pencil to draw a nude model (s)* while listening to dj yak’s music selection. It’s an invitation to openly look at each other and make large drawings ( serious and not ) as a symbol for liberation of all. ( *you are welcome to pose)

13.04, 18:30-23.00, Film Screenings + Listening Session
19:00 Weaving Narrative by Aleksandra Chargeshvili
20:15  I’m Just Laying There by Frederique Pisuiss
21:00 Meli Melo by Julian Wolf 

 14.04, 12:00-15.00, Painting Workshop for kids
Bring your favourite kid* to color a white living room (  that is not your own  ), have a drink with other grown ups, while enjoying the precious moments of peace. (*age 4-70)