Welcome the next iteration of AI4ARTISTS, a showcase of artistic output created with artificial intelligence. The works on display were selected from an open call with no set criteria, resulting in a diverse collection that represents the current trends in AI-assisted art generation. Some of the pieces push the boundaries of the medium, exploring new possibilities that traditional methods could not capture. Others offer a critical perspective on our relationship with devices that utilize AI to 'assist' our lives and user experience. As a DIY space, the curators have focused not only on selecting the works but also on creating an appropriate environment to host them. The goal is to provide a platform for anyone interested in exploring this tool to combat the institutional adoption of AI as a detrimental element to artists' intellectual and financial freedom. Through this exhibition and other learning and sharing spaces like it, we hope to empower artists to lead the creative efforts in the AI industry.

An exploration into the dynamic and ever-evolving intersection of art and technology.
Curators: Enrique Gutierrez & Marnix Postma
Facilitators: De Bouwput & Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst for their continued support

Participating artists: Civort, Crysyphus (Mark H. Fitzpatrick), Xawery Deskur, Didzayberpvnk, Enrique Gutierrez, Junghyun Kim, Kwan Suppaiboonsuk, Marrte, Javier Mars, Iga Mroziak, Rron Nushi, Marnix Postma, Mavely Reyes, Livia Ribichini, Alex Robinson, Raymundo López Romero, Peim van der Sloot, mvd0ae_

Event supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst