Dinky Van Gogh

This latest exhibition at Bouwput brings together a show of a recent painting project by Bert McLean called “Dinky Van Gogh” where Bert attempts to get to know the work of Vincent Van Gogh through trying to make his work. Bert uses his own painting vocabulary to build a recipe book of painting styles to then use in his work. Bert's work focuses on using drawing, painting, sculpture and hospitality to build his world for the work to live in. He is aiming to make an inviting environment that is a place for silliness and seriousness, allowing for his surroundings and observations to end up in the work – be that through mundane observations or characters he has an affinity with. Such as the “Kent-ish potato”, “Doritos and Olives” or "Putting Kent on the map" (other series he is working on).

A workshop was run by Bert's close collaborators Mariana Charrua (PT) and Luca Mosbech-Fedele (DK)