The "AI for Artists" workshop series, led by Enrique Gutierrez, culminated in an exhibition on April 30th, 2023 at De Bouwput in Amsterdam. The exhibition featured the creations of the workshop participants, who had been engaged in a collaborative project aimed at integrating AI and deep learning techniques into their artistic practices.

Over the course of several hands-on sessions held at De Bouwput and Sandberg Institute, the participants learned how to train their own models and experiment with techniques such as Stable Diffusion and Generative Adversarial Networks to generate art. They were encouraged to push the boundaries of their own creative expression and explore the possibilities of AI-augmented artwork.

The exhibition was the conclusive moment for this learning experiment to showcase artificially guided creations to a community of like-minded individuals and a testament to the power of collaborative learning.

The "AI for Artists" project seeks to democratize the AI space and empower artists to guide the development of original, inclusive and ethical AI models. By fostering a community of artists interested in incorporating and learning how to appropriate artificially generated artwork, the project aims to create a more inclusive and artist-led AI ecosystem. 

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