In the Archiscape

The exhibition In The Archiscape showcases Marion Sagon’s latest series of paintings, limited editions and digital research. Her work revolves around notions such as Landscape, Ecofeminism and the so-called Anthropocene, era in which human activities have impacted the environment enough to constitute a distinct geological change. The title of the show implies an exploration of the environments she creates and in which architecture and nature are intertwined in a proportional/perfect balance. The series Architectures are digital drawings in progress. Presenting this series is a way for the artist to reveal part of her creative process which is: the collection of pictures of existing architecture - industrial or brutalist - and the slow transition to the virtual dimension. Meanwhile, the series Panels punctuate the gallery space by displaying short oxymorons diverted from advertisements also photographed and collected from different big corporations around Amsterdam. This corpus of work involves the visitor in a sort of visual dichotomy by depicting a world which oscillates between utopia and dystopia: satisfying and calming on one hand, homogenous and dehumanised on the other. Marion Sagon is a French artist born in 1983. She graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Montpellier, France in 2011. She currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.