Black Star Tarot

Black Star Tarot takes inspiration from African and Afro-Caribbean ceremonies. Through this body of work, the artist makes references to stories and superstitions from Creole and Cajun culture. Stories about tricksters, shapeshifters, gods that look like men, and men who look like beasts. The Tarot was an ideal platform for the artist to use because it is made for personal interpretation.  

The concept is the result of an introspective journey in which the artist, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, took a deeper dive into the folklore and traditions surrounding his cultural heritage. Black Star Tarot aims to draw a bridge between the symbolism each tarot card represents, and the richness of the traditions of the Black Diaspora. 

JJ Wilson is a visual artist from Baton Rouge. As a Black artist, he draws influence from his hometown in Louisiana and its extensive culture – a culture that is rich in the traditions of storytelling and music. From an early age, he has always been interested in the many myths and fables around the world and wanted to explore them. He’s been residing in the Netherlands since 2020, having lived and exhibited work in Shanghai, China previously.