Da'at Fangs

Global telecom infrastructure is in a constant looming threat of sabotage by animals. From the electrical power grids to the underwater network of Internet cables, the commodities of the 21st century face ongoing jeopardy in the hands of rodents, snakes, birds and sharks  that no cyberattack in history could rival. 

DA’AT Fangs is a speculative manual, a collection of educational videos and infographics providing a clear and easy to follow rundown on how to assist wildlife in their oblivious war against the Internet and Big Tech. Infohazard. 

By supporting our infrastructure to be explicitly at the mercy of non-human agents, DA’AT Fangs challenges the relation of the individual to the www. Individuals not blindly agreeing to the ‘terms and conditions’ but if desired, taking upon their hands the organised demise of the Internet’s framework. How would we approach the world wide web if it was unreliable, slower and impermanent? Surveillance, databases, marketing, privacy, overreliance would all be radically modified. 

artist: Reon Cordova
Voices by: Polina Shuvalova and Beth Wong