Kasha Fowler Crampton: I set out to work intuitively with post consumer waste after taking a step back from working in the fashion industry for 15 years as a designer. Organically the narrative of the woven pieces circled back to reason I decided to leave. Through the series of textile works I explore the power dynamic between western fashion brands and garment manufacturers and the labour of garment construction.

Kirsty Buchanan: This series of paintings are taken from images shared between close girlfriends of themselves in private domestic spaces. I am particularly interested in the realm of the female domestic space and the rituals that surround this environment: applying makeup, singing to yourself in the shower, dancing in the mirror or drawing out fantasies on pieces of paper that are then hidden or destroyed. I take extra pleasure in the alchemy of materials, immersing myself in mixing paints or matching a soft crumbly homemade pastel to the most satisfying surface of paper.

Mavely Reyes:
Endless Horizons 
A Journey through Dual Creativity 
An artistic journey blending AI and human expression, showcasing limitless creativity. From AI-captured elegance to the camera in hand exploring the wilderness of edible beauty, study diverse perspectives and endless inspiration.