Fruit Monsters/フルツモンスーター

Georgy Dendoe & Hiroaki Onuma Present FRUIT MONSTERS.

This is exhibition came to being when two friends with similar interests decided to do a project together under the name “FRUIT MONSTER”

The fruit represents youthfulness, bright vivid colors, patterns, healthiness, being a young kid and staying over at grandma's house

Monster represents, taking risks, going on adventures, fear of the unknown, becoming an adult in the real world

The fusion resulting in the works that will be presented in De Bouwput on Friday July 22nd and Saturday July 23rd 2022. 

Collages by Georgy Dendoe

A Multi disciplinary Artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (soon to live in Japan) 

Paintings by Hiroaki Onuma 

A Painter/Cheff born in Tochigi, Japan, now living in Amsterdam