Graphics, paintings and drawings

Naan Rijks showed works she's made during the journey and research that is Painting Plants, a project focused on making paints and inks out of plants and how to make these suitable for different printing techniques. The project was started in 2011 by biologist and artist Naan Rijks, and is being executed inside the AGA LAB in Amsterdam. Currently, more than 20 species of plants are being cultivated, all containing either dyes or pigments. In the kitchen of the AGA LAB, Painting Plants created a small laboratory set up for the extraction of pigments and the creation of paint. Experiments with printing techniques are conducted in the studio. In this garden there is room for humble ecological experimenting. The research aims to increase the relevance and usability of organic and durable dyes and binders for artistic production. It intends to explore new concepts
and put into discussion general assumptions about colour, ink and the responsible use of production material.

Painting Plants wants to raise awareness on environmental implications of art production and restore a cultural art form.