Nataly Kozhukhovskaya
I was shocked by how many women whose beauty and gorgeousness and energy I admire do not feel loved by peoplethey are surrounded, experiencing the imposter's syndrome. BUT that's nice, they accept and love themselves, their body. Not to show off, but with themselves, in privacy with themselves. And they want to capture this with an accessibleway at this moment. With their phone. And these photos arenot intended for anyone, it is very personal and thereforevaluable. All the paintings are very different, stylistically,compositionally, energetically. And to each I approach with
 a new mood and attitude and after a personal conversation.

 Vika VI 

I am photographer and one of «Selfie for myself» project girls! Yes, you can find my portrait here too. Natasha’s works inspired me as a girl who likes to explore new places and cities to integrate her paintings to urban environment and found a fit place for each girl, including myself! After all, everyone dreams to find their ‘right’ place in the big city.

Colors, lines, forms and vibes all these things I think found their perfect match. All portraits looked so independent and fully on their places like women on them.


In this informal and theoretical talk, Andrew Demetriou will be discussing the path to the PhD project he has just begun. He asks, can we can take various theories that have tried to explain love, intimacy and social bonding, and the persistent human appreciation of music to better understand love actually is? And is a fruitful first step, the study of individuals creating and experiencing music?
About Andrew Demetriou
Andrew is a researcher whose primary interest is in the moments where human beings form bonds both weak and strong. Formally, the scope of his PhD research lies in the intersection of the psychological, biological and data sciences on the topics of 1) social bonding, 2) optimal mental states, 3) and people performing, rehearsing, and listening to music."
"We'll conclude with a playful discussion: Andrew will ask Nataly a few questions about her thoughts and experiences creating the work for this exhibit, and then we will open up the floor to our audience."