LOVE STORY OF THE ROCK AND THE LEAF concentrates on the intricate interaction between shape and colour. Knowing each possesses its own energy, identity and soul, this collection of works focuses on the responsiveness to others and the spaces they inhabit. A mirroring to our own experience of the world, shape and colour form fluctuating dynamics much like those between humans and other animal species, plants, natural forces, and energy fields.
The works are created without premeditation or planning; as such, the design, concept or ideation are a function of unguided directionlessness. The journey of creation is a deliberate practice of letting go of expectations or focus on result.

Visitors are invited to explore and interact freely amongst and with them; it's encouraged to approach viewing these pieces instinctually and with playfulness. There are no instructions or stated use for any of these objects. Instead, they invite contemplation, daydreams, fantasy, and introspection. Time weaves itself into the work, just as the viewers's imagination forms an integral part of the work.

Manon Kersten, a fine artist whose creations embody sense and intuition as process, is guided by a profound love of colour across a spectrum of media and artistic disciplines.

instagram: @manonkersten