Face to face

Just as our reflection is a virtual place behind the mirror, Face-to-Face is a fundamentally otherworldly place: an extra-ordinary counterpoint. a disturbing interspace and a new perspective.

Face-to-Face is above all a crisis point, a demasque and an inverted mirror of society. The endless series of portraits create an eco chamber, a wonderful Persian dream garden and a cemetery, public nudist beach and a darkroom, underground rehearsal room and a royal place. It pays tribute to revolutionary thinkers, shows bastards and their victims, it is both a place for children's play and a memorial for patients. Here te rich of the earth show their true face.

We greet each other in the morning, but the beloved is gone. Tere is a huge global imbalance of problems that are unprecedented. No country, no city or village, no street, no house, nothing or nobody escapes the current evolution pain.
Thanks to a persistent neoliberal policy, we have become consumers and therefore each other's competitors. At te same time, self-research is outsourced to Big Data and AI gets to know us and manipulate us.

Just as the refugee camp is a placeless place were you.  are a prisoner in the midst of ultimate freedom, de Bouwput is a disturbing place on the fringes of Amsterdam-West. A place where all usual orientation disappears.
This is where the messy reality is portrayed.
This is where the resistance blossoms.