Gira Zapatista Por La Vida

Fundraiser for the Zapatista’s European Tour:

'Una Montaña Navegando de Madrugada'
Illustrations, paintings, graphics, photography, linocuts.

Artworks from then 50 artists from all over the world will be for sale. All funds are being used to finance the Zapatistas delegation visiting the Netherlands later this year. This is a collective exhibition being organised by different grass-root collectives in Europe.

Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional and the Journey for Life

The group left Mexico in April this year, and is on its way to the continent, 500 years after the supposed conquest, of what is today “Mexico”, by Europeans. The year 2021 marks 20 years of the March of the Color of the Earth, which aimed at claiming the group’s place in a collapsing Nation. The Zapatistas set sail on their journey to tell the planet that there is room for everyone in the world that they hold in their collective heart – and that that world will only be possible if we unite in our struggles to build it together.

The Zapatistas, since their creation, demand work, land, housing, food, health, education, independence, freedom, democracy, justice, and peace. During the last months, several organizations throughout Europe established contact and united in order to receive the EZLN in their journey “La Gira por La Vida”. Several working groups were created and there is a beautiful and extensive solidarity network with volunteers from all different backgrounds, social movements, identities, social classes, languages, and roots.

Part of the work that the Coordination Group is doing in The Netherlands consists of supporting all the logistics of the compa’s Journey in the country, as well as all related political and social events.