Metamorphosis; first known use dates from 1530s, "change of form or structure, action or process of changing in form," originally especially by witchcraft, from Latin metamorphosis, from Greek metamorphōsis "a transforming, a transformation," from metamorphoun "to transform, to be transfigured," from meta, here indicating "change" + morphē "shape, form,"

In our work the term 'metamorphosis' has several meanings, it refers to: 

1 a biological process of transformation: developmental change in the form or structure of an insect or amphibian

2 spiritual transformation (of an individual, towards freedom, the play of life)

3 a literal changing of the forms and structures: seen as moving parts in the animation, and by use of transparency, vibrant colors and placement of forms in the prints. Furthermore, changing the (whole artwork) photography or animation from one form (digital) to another (analog) or the other way around

 16th of December from 2pm-17pm

By Erna Basten & lilxlylilxly