Sei morto sei terribilmente vivo.

Between sculpture and printmaking,

Between human and environment,

Between different locations,

Between different generations, Between documentations,

Trying to find more possibilities to realize projects.

Collecting recycled materials to recreate new compositions, new dialogues coming up.

Sei morto sei terribilmente vivo.

You are dead you are terribly alive.

This project was born from the collection of objects found between Lido degli Alberoni (protection zone Natural Park in Venice) and Rotterdam (urban city). The initial idea was to create a link between the land, the water and the sky.
All started Turin based artist Michele Liuzzi while residence in Venice Lido degli alberoni, I photographed his sculpture during his residence. Mid of September, I had new adventure in Rotterdam, also discovered same situation between human and environment as Venice Lido degli Alberoni, so I decided to continue and discuss Michele Liuzzi’s project with objects abandoned and recycled materials. Nature offers us and on the greed of man in appropriating them.

Human guided by a cynical and perverse selfishness, should stop and meditate on the beneficial costs of every costs of every undertaking carries out. Too often instead of enjoying nature in the most natural and spontaneous way possible, human converts it to its needs in open conflict, thus engaging a short circuit. Nature has always come to meet us, continuing to do its utmost, filling our ingenuity.

But now it’s just a matter of grim and lucid speculation and boldness.
If we don’t change our attitude sooner or later, it will be you who will decide for us and it will be an irreversible process.
Environment changing, our behaviors should be change also.
How we live?

Sei morto sei terribilmente vivo.

You are dead you are terribly alive.

Edited by Tzu Ning Chiang (viola chiang)

About artists:
Michele Liuzzi (1970) Turin, Italy. visual artist, working and interested in various field and techniques(animation, comics, design, architecture, theatre, dance with drawing, photography, digital painting, video installation and sculpture). He discuss between relationship with body and environment.

Violatipia .Venice, Italy and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Behind the violatipia:Tzu Ning Chiang (Viola Chiang), Printmaker and visual artist. Was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Lives and works between Venice and Dublin, planning new adventure in Amsterdam.