Small talk by the Border

Ognjen Gligorijević is an artist, creative director, and type designer living and working between Niš, RS and Amsterdam, NL. Employing various mediums like painting, installation, sound, and video, Gligorijević’s multidisciplinary practice intently reworks space to question and extend one’s perception of reality, identities, and social roles. 
In his installation "Small Talks By The Border," Gligorijević explores the fluidity of identity and its classification in contemporary intercultural power dynamics. The border—a symbolic space where identities are both constrained and liberated—the installation probes the complexities of nationality and its impact on social categorization, using passports as tangible artifacts of identity. Small talk by the border questions identity and nationality and its role in shaping our understanding of reality. This is the border, a non-space where subjectivities are lost in rigid classification, morphing between conformity and non-conformity.

Videography / Photography: Jovana Ciric
Text: Milica Jordanov
Graphic Design: OGV Design Studio