そろそろ soro soro

そろそろ soro soro
is a Japanese word which is commonly used to express that it's about time to do something.

And here, S o r o - s o r O  is a place where everyone is invited to try one’s indefinite ideas in front of an audience unofficially. 

Nothing has to be perfect nor completed.

We would like to provide an opportunity to experiment and creative exchange.

The concept of  S o r o - s o r O  is greatly influenced by the spirit of l-e,  one of the most worshiped experimental venues in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Takuya and Yukiko Sakamoto.

It seems that there are not enough places to fail nor to try uncertain things in this society even though almost no one could make things perfect from the beginning.
All the rough ideas which had been unrealized or given up due to the lack of opportunities could potentially become something. 


website: https://marikohori.space/sorosoro

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/s_o_r_o__s_o_r_o/




S o r o - s o r O  #1  -  a Weekend of Indefinite Performance

Online: Wed. 9 of March. 9pm.  via Instagram Live  https://www.instagram.com/s_o_r_o__s_o_r_o/

Offline: Sat. 12 - Sun. 13. March. 2pm - 8pm

Participants : 

Francesco Ameglio

Laslo Antal

Shira Wolfe 

Boa Beres 

Goodluck Babatunde Olọ́runjedálọ 

Sergei Demin + Ítalo Brunetto de Rocco 


Johannes Gerard 

Petra Hudcova 

Kjell van Norel 

Marja van Putten

Ronald van der Meijs 

Mariko Hori