To the sweet murmur of leaves

24 – 26 November 13:00 – 17:00
Opening Friday 24 November 17:00

AGA LAB has been around for 65 years. Time to reflect on the current position of the graphic workshop in the Netherlands and its reason for existing in the future. In this context, AGA LAB has embraced the idea of ​​visual artist Herma Deenen to organize a project about the Artist’s Book.

The changing landscape

Both artists who are experienced with creating books and artists for whom the book is a new medium, have been invited to produce an Artist Book from their own autonomous position. The connecting theme is The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi: the story of a man and his relationship with a landscape that changes every season.

The production and exhibition of the books seek answers to the questions:

  • What artistic importance does the Artist Book currently have within the visual arts;
  • How does it compare to video, a painting or an installation;
  • What is the difference with a catalog or other publication about an artist;
  • What is it’s raison d’etre within current technical and digital development;
  • How could it be a catalyst for one’s own artistic development;
  • This may lead to new works of art or other bound printed matter;
  • How can a graphic studio such as AGA LAB play a role in this?

The resulting collection of artworks in book form is versatile and reflects on the artist’s book and its current cultural position.

The graphic books, ranging in size from a few centimeters small to a meter big, are hand-printed in AGA LAB and are as diverse as the twenty-six (inter)national participating artists themselves; techniques such as etching, photo-polymer, litho, screen printing, Riso, pigment printing and lino printing have been used; the books have been embroidered, sewn, woven and drawn.

The books can be seen in gallery De Bouwput from 24 to 26 November.

Participating artists:

Monika Auch
Maarten van den Beemt
Caroline Charef
Els Crum
Herma Deenen
Brunette van Eijseldijk
Liesbeth Feys
Nicoline Goris
Alexandra Hedberg
Nora Hooijer
Els ter Horst
Robin Hunt
Chika Ito
Sanne Kabalt
Hannah Kockx
Andrea van der Kuil
Natnapat Kullananant
Yvonne Metzemaekers
Herman Mulder
Emily van Olden & Lotte Lara Schröder
Esra Sakir
Alice Schiavone
Rick van Strien
Sandra Touw
Robin Phoenix Whitehouse
Alex de Vocht
Agata Zwierzyñska