The Time of Monsters

They say that there is a monster that has multiple heads, that has many ways to dominate and that bites everywhere. They say that if a head is cut off from this monster, two are reborn. That it transforms and changes its shapes, colors and voices. That accumulation and dispossession are its fuel, that in division, terror and injustice it finds its pleasure, and that with war and oblivion it savors its next prey. The most terrifying thing about this monster is that it is real, the most bloodthirsty and cruel since history was divided between dominators and dominated.

Fortunately, this monster is not omnipotent, nor immortal; there would exist spell-images capable of transmuting the colonial fossils, which as fuels, feed the machinery of extinction.

In this first exhibition, the Association of Monsters Fighting for Life will present some proposals to rip out the heart of the Hydra: cut off its source of energy, dissociate linear and progressive narratives through cyclical, spiral or reverse stories, invoke pre-capitalist monsters, or convene activists to imagine other possible ends of the world.

We must truly be those monsters it says we are. We will be its worst nightmare.