The Unreal Real

As the lights fade to a dim black we project into the ethereal space works and performances that blur any line, confuse any interpretations and represent the converging dualities embodied by the yin and yang. Inspired by the writings of Laozi and Zhuangzi, the works presented by Mireille Gros highlight Daoist principles that link humanity and nature in order to garner respect for and a newfound appreciation of nature.

Videos, photography, physical performances and music flash into the space and quickly dissipate back into the darkness. What will you see? What will you experience? Noone will answer the same way. So better find out for yourself!"

In association with Bi Art Paris, Loose Dog Magazine and De Bouwput.

Artists: Mireille Gros, Yu Jung Huang and Yuu Lin
Performance artists: Christian Crochet
Musician: Cosmin Stanciu